Beatbox Drum Academy

Learn to play drums your way, with an experienced teacher in Prague.

Keeping It Engaging

Learning an instrument should be fun and engaging, and while exercises are crucial, learning in a relaxed and fun environment is just as important.

With Beatbox Drum Academy, you will learn all the important skills and techniques you need to become a solid and powerful drummer, with a special focus on building good habits and eliminating bad ones.

Learning Style = Teaching Style

Different people have different learning styles. Some people need to see everything on paper. Others can't read music. With Beatbox Drum Academy, you learn in whichever way is natural to you, ensuring the easiest and fastest possible learning.

Everything we cover in our lessons is important, even though some parts might just seem like fun. That's because when learning is fun, it's effective and feels like no effort at all. Everything you need for your lessons is provided, so you don't need to prepare anything at all.

Prices & Subscription

Studio and kit rental fees differ between studios. The prices below are all-inclusive.

An optional video subscription entitles you to enjoy some very nice benefits:
You can pay your subscription fee directly to your teacher before your lesson.
Find out more about video subscriptions.
Hourly Studio Fees (Studio, Equipment & Tuition)
Toxicat, Moskevska 1543/65a 500
Home Visit (Including Travel), 500
Subscription video charged at 500,- per lesson.

Cancellation Policy

Spaces cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged at full price.