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04.05.21 - 23:45

We Reject Big Tech

Over the past year, many people have seen their long-established small and medium-sized enterprises crushed as a result of fascist, constitution-defying political decisions, driven by a deliberately false narrative. Meanwhile, the super-rich have seen record-breaking profits and further tightened their stranglehold over services on which many of us depend.

It's nothing new, of course, but the past year has seen the worst damage to independent enterprise in living memory and beyond. And while some do not see the true evil at play in this great experiment, few can disagree on the impact it is having.

As one of those small and independent enterprises, also struggling for survival, our economic and social losses are not taken lightly, and in light of the exponentially-increasing wealth gap this epic worldwide deception is facilitating, it only feels right to end our relationships with the big tech companies whose pockets we help to line.

Therefore, as of today, Beatbox Academy is no longer selling products with Amazon and seeks to find a local provider of drum accessories in the Czech Republic. We wish to support locally made products and local, independent trade.

With respect to the latter, our services will are also soon to be made available on the agorist marketplace, where non-standard payment is acceptable for all services.

Our contribution to society may not be of great importance, but it is valuable to some, and it is with those people that our loyalty lies.
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